Lunar Eclipses Calendar

When Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon, there is a resulting shadow that passes over the Moon. This shadow creates a lunar eclipse.

While many people think that every lunar eclipse is the same, there are actually three different types.

The first type is the Total Eclipse, which occurs when the darkest part of the Earth’s shadow, known as the umbral shadow, covers the Moon entirely. This causes it to appear as if the Moon has disappeared.

The second type is the Partial Eclipse. It occurs when only a part of the moon is covered by the Earth’s umbral shadow. This causes the shadow to be projected onto only part of the moon. Most often, a Partial Eclipse is easy to see.

The third and final type is the Penumbral Eclipse. This type of Lunar Eclipse cannot be easily seen and is thus more interesting in terms of research. In a Penumbral Eclipse, the Moon passes only through the Earth’s outer shadow, and there is no significant darkening of the Moon itself.

The Earth’s shadow contains two parts, composed of inner and outer conical shapes. The outer shadow is known as the Penumbral shadow and is used to block most Sunlight from reaching the moon. The inner shadow is known as the Umbral shadow and blocks Sunlight completely. A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Moon is full and passes through either the Inner or Outer shadow of the Earth.

Date Time Type Duration Region
2012 Nov 28 14:34:07 Penumbral ' Europe, e Africa, Asia, Aus., Pacific, N.A.
2013 Apr 25 20:08:38 Partial 00h27m Europe, Africa, Asia, Aus.
2013 May 25 04:11:06 Penumbral ' Americas, Africa
2013 Oct 18 23:51:25 Penumbral ' Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia
2014 Apr 15 07:46:48 Total 03h35m
Aus., Pacific, Americas
2014 Oct 08 10:55:44 Total 03h20m
Asia, Aus., Pacific, Americas
2015 Apr 04 12:01:24 Total 03h29m
Asia, Aus., Pacific, Americas
2015 Sep 28 02:48:17 Total 03h20m
e Pacific, Americas, Europe, Africa, w Asia
2016 Mar 23 11:48:21 Penumbral ' Asia, Aus., Pacific, w Americas
2016 Sep 16 18:55:27 Penumbral ' Europe, Africa, Asia, Aus., w Pacific
2017 Feb 11 00:45:03 Penumbral ' Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia
2017 Aug 07 18:21:38 Partial 01h55m Europe, Africa, Asia, Aus.
2018 Jan 31 13:31:00 Total 03h23m
Asia, Aus., Pacific, w N.America
2018 Jul 27 20:22:54 Total 03h55m
S.America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Aus.
2019 Jan 21 05:13:27 Total 03h17m
c Pacific, Americas, Europe, Africa
2019 Jul 16 21:31:55 Partial 02h58m S.America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Aus.
2020 Jan 10 19:11:11 Penumbral ' Europe, Africa, Asia, Aus.
2020 Jun 05 19:26:14 Penumbral ' Europe, Africa, Asia, Aus.
2020 Jul 05 04:31:12 Penumbral ' Americas, sw Europe, Africa
2020 Nov 30 09:44:01 Penumbral ' Asia, Aus., Pacific, Americas