Lunar Days

The idea of Lunar Days has long existed since the beginning of time. Hundreds of years ago, ancient citizens have begun to create descriptions for each of the lunar day. Consequently, these depictions appeared in most astrological rituals. However, varying traditions can not attest to each other’s astrological traditions. Other individuals like you and I have to decide which lunar tradition fits our lifestyle and beliefs while taking into account those that suits our needs.

The meaning of Lunar Days has long lingered on most people’s minds. They can be defined as the two successive births of the Moon but only the first and final days differ from said occurrence.

Whenever the New Moon occurs, this marks the birth of the first Lunar Day. It ends during Moonrise which happens at the next New Moon. The period is not a lengthy one, in fact it lasts just several minutes.

The final Lunar Day come to an end just before the next lunar month is about to start. This period is also of a short-length.

Most people are still clueless about the Moon’s movement therefore the period in which an entire lunar month lasts is rather different from account to the other. Some lunar months bear 30 full days whereas some only contain 29 days.

The longitude and latitude of certain places are said to influence the period of the Moon’s rising. If you want to utilize the Universal Lunar Calendar, you should always choose the time selection in accordance to your own city.

Moon Day 1

This is an ideal day to create plans and can mark the start of meaningful beginnings. However, you should remember not to pursue a new issue or direction too eagerly as long as the Moon is still hidden from view. You can however jot down your intentions regarding this new activity in your journal and anticipate for it when the new month arrives.

You may also think carefully about your next course of action. Plan wisely and act cautiously towards this new intention. Set aside other activities for other days.

Moon Day 2

This day is perfect to advocate new beginnings. It is also ideal for those thinking to start a family or build a new abode. You are advised to plan your home relocation, extended trips and property purchasing activities but do proceed with care as you may encounter financial difficulty or theft.

Moon Day 3

Depending on traditions, the third Moon Day bears different meanings. According to Vedic tradition, you are suggested to pursue a new profession. Avesta recommends you to be fully insistent in your endeavors. However, the opposite is said by the European tradition whereby nothing special will happen in conjunction with this third Moon Day.

Moon Day 4

The fourth Moon Day bears contradictions when it comes to different lunar traditions. According to the Avesta and Vedic beliefs, nothing promising will happen today but it is ideal to eliminate differences and old fashioned practices. You should also not begin any new endeavors if you stand to receive anything out of this. The opposite is advocated by the European tradition that states that today is ideal to begin new things, especially in the event of locating a missing object. Anyone dealing with business that has something to do with water will experience fortune.

Moon Day 5

According to Vedic tradition, the fifth Moon Day is accepted as a generally lucky day when involving actions which will bear advantages. It is also good for people who want to start a new venture. On the other hand, the European tradition believes that today is highly unlucky and will bring about losses and potentially fatal diseases.

Moon Day 6

It is a most fortunate day today and is ideal for activities that involves use of the human intellect, spiritual endeavors and locating missing individuals, pets or any object in general. Recovery and being in the pink of health is also very likely today. The Vedic tradition suggests that erecting a new building or property can be very advantageous to everyone.

Moon Day 7

Generally, today is considered a lucky day especially if you wish to begin a trip or be involved in vehicles. Want to have surgical or medical procedures done? Make sure you schedule it for today, as well as for exercises and basically activities that will not take long to complete. Meanwhile, you should also be mindful of your words and not divulge something to others when you did not mean to do so.

Moon Day 8

It is a great day for taking long trips or traveling elsewhere for business related agendas. According to Vedic tradition the eighth Moon Day is ideal for taking part in art or physical related activities as well as dealings connected to property. This day also marks new beginnings but woe may befall those who have been afflicted with diseases.

Moon Day 9

You will experience resistance, aggressive divergence and a higher level of peril. You are not advised to begin anything new today, more so if it is linked to financial or material matters. What you can do, is indulge in gardening as well as any pet or plant related activity.

Moon Day 10

The tenth Moon Day is a special one as it is deemed lucky for most traditions. Those who want to begin a new business venture or perform a huge acquisition of asset will enjoy doing so in this auspicious day, as will those who want to travel. Babies born today will grow up to be individuals with a penchant of extended trips throughout their lives.

Moon Day 11

If you have been feeling jaded lately, the 11th Moon Day will surely give you a much deserved perk. You should schedule moving or changing a major element in your life to this day. Also useful for business owners who have suffered failure in the past. You should also make every effort to use this renewed energy into worthwhile endeavors while avoiding divergences and clashes of disagreements.

Moon Day 12

Be wary of this day for it can be rather inauspicious for most people. You should refrain from performing important tasks but if you have made a vow to another person, by all means keep your promise. Surgical procedures should be rescheduled to another day.

Moon Day 13

According to European tradition, you should avoid undertaking most activities including health related endeavors today for it is not an optimal time to do so. Vedic traditions say otherwise, and you can expect to enjoy a lucky day especially when it comes to new beginnings, renewed relationships with people around you and generally a satisfying leisure time ahead.

Moon Day 14

Major traditions contradict each other when it comes to the 14th Moon Day. The Vedic tradition advises against beginning a new endeavor especially if it is linked to financial and traveling aspects in your life. Meanwhile, Globa states that it is perfectly fine for business dealings whereas the European tradition maintains that today is a generally joyous day.

Moon Day 15

The European and Vedic traditions view today as an unbiased day that favors physical and romantic activities. According to the Vedic books, today can be a great day to begin new endeavors but for Globa, it marks a Satanic day with grave effects.

Moon Day 16

The 16th Moon Day is perfect for doing business or taking trips abroad, and generally any activity linked to land, living things like animals and plants and property. If you are thinking of dealing with animals and selling livestock, it’s best to do so today. Today is also an enjoyable day to hold festivals and celebratory occasions.

Moon Day 17

Couples who are thinking of tying the knot, planning an addition to the family, taking a vacation or generally just doing spring cleaning should schedule these tasks and perform them today. Any activity concerning land or houses will be see good results. This day is considered to be negative by Albert the Great.

Moon Day 18

Positive energy will generally be felt today. Long term endeavors concerning financial gains are favored. Thinking of seeing the doctor, getting a second medical opinion or curing illnesses? There’s never a better day to do so today but beware, serious illnesses may worsen today.

Moon Day 19

Today is a most undesirable and perilous day. It is good for battling it out with your rivals or to destroy as well as dispose of anything unwanted or outdated. Kind intentions may also bring on undesirable consequences unlike to results you wished to happen. Don’t begin an important project created to garner more funds. It is wise to postpone your marriage today and do avoid encounters with those who are intoxicated with alcohol.

Moon Day 20

A great day lies ahead and is right for starting new things. Tying the knot today will garner positive aura. On the other hand, the 20th Moon Day may be very trying for people who suffer from diseases. Babies whose birthdays fall on the 20th Moon Day may not possess a good temper.

Moon Day 21

Today is a great day for you to go out and make things happen for luck is on your side. You are recommended to go on journeys, get to know new friends, spend your leisure time entertaining yourself as well as indulge in outdoor sports. Furthermore, businessmen should be able to enjoy satisfactory results in gambling and business dealings. Lost something on the 21st Moon Day? It will definitely be located again soon.

Moon Day 22

According to European tradition, babies born on the 22nd Moon Day will have the chance to grow up and be good individuals. Vedic scriptures denote that today is indeed lucky for journeys and traveling. On the other hand, Globa suggests you dedicate this day towards studying various scientific topics.

Moon Day 23

Major traditions hold the 23rd Moon Day highly in regard for it is a rather positive day to enjoy. European tradition foretells that you will experience fortune and recognition in your daily endeavors but new beginnings are ideally not recommended. The Vedic tradition states that victory will be experienced throughout the day, and favors new beginnings. Meanwhile Globa suggests spending the day in atonement.

Moon Day 24

For the Europeans, today is much like a neutral day but the Veda and Avesta traditions states that your carnal and physical forces will be upped. Quarrels, threats and competition from rivals will come from all direction. You should refrain from beginning new endeavors especially if it concerns monetary gains.

Moon Day 25

Major traditions have different things to foretell today. Albert the Great think today will be an inauspicious day whereas Vronsky and Veda foretell that you will experience luck if you go on journeys or perform business trades. Veda also suggests you begin crucial endeavors today but Globa thinks you should not exert yourself and instead be passive and meditative.

Moon Day 26

Luck is not on your side today. You must not begin new endeavors and instead you should act moderately while throwing out items that are dangerous or unnecessary. You should prevent from overspending and overexerting yourself. There is a silver lining however and the 26th Moon Day will let you see the true characters of people around you and unmask those who want to hurt you. Health is not optimal today.

Moon Day 27

It’s a most fortunate day today! However, the Veda believes you should refrain from traveling whereas Globa says otherwise. You should however avoid from consuming alcohol.

Moon Day 28

The 28th Moon Day is a most joyous day. You should take the initiative to begin new endeavors, making friends with important individuals and other acquaintances. Take a holiday today, amuse yourself amongst loved ones, and watch as your vitality increases.

Moon Day 29

Major traditions unanimously state that the 29th Moon Day is an unlucky one. You are not to go on trips or begin new endeavors in the hope of getting financial gains. You can however do those mentioned above if you must, and throw away unnecessary belongings.

Moon Day 30

Unlike the day before, the 30th Moon Day is a fortunate one which rarely occurs each month. It marks great new beginnings. Those afflicted with illnesses will recover quickly and endeavours that began previously will now end most excellently. You are recommended to be as giving as you can as well as give credit where credit is due.